Porcelain is a particular type of ceramic obtained from mixtures with the presence of kaolin, quartz and feldspar.
Kaolin gives the plastic properties and the white color of porcelain; quartz is the inert component and acts as a degreaser (it also allows vitrification); finally feldspar which is defined as flux, because, by melting at lower temperatures than kaolin, it significantly lowers the firing of the ceramic mixture (1280 ° C).

The best type of porcelain on the market is that Bone China which is now the standard of all English production, among which we cannot fail to mention the Royal Worcester, Coalport and Royal Crown Derby brands.

The famous French porcelains are those of Limoges, Chantilly and Sèvres.
Limoges porcelain is known all over the world for the particular elegance of its works and the materials used. The House of Royal Limoges is one of the oldest in the city in porcelain processing.

Among the most prestigious brands is Royal Copenhagen, characterized by the Blue Fluted, a floral-style decoration, slender, with a vaguely geometric and spiral-shaped development that recalls the spirals of filigree.
It always develops in cobalt blue on a white background.

On the other hand, returning to Italy, one of the types very popular with tourists is that of Capodimonte, which owes its name to the hilly area of ​​Capodimonte in Naples.

The porcelain produced by this famous factory are known for their particular workmanship, very often inspired by floral compositions, skilfully decorated by hand.
Do not forget there are also the typical stickers.