The decals offer the possibility to reproduce any high resolution image on both ceramic and porcelain.

It is the ideal product for pastry shops, restaurants, hotels, bars or any business that wants to personalize objects with the printing of their logo.
Also ideal for creating customized corporate gadgets.

Customizing an object with your own logo means paying attention to the smallest detail which has been lost nowadays.

The colors used in the decal are exclusively ceramic pigments suitably mixed with fusible frits.
The image is printed on sheets where fondant or collodion is applied depending on whether it is to be placed on porcelain or ceramic.
To apply it on the object, just dip it in water, remove it from the paper support and apply it on the piece.
The decal is fired at a temperature of 870-920 ° C for about 10 hours.
Once this temperature is reached, the glaze of the object merges with the decal, becoming a single body.

That's why our decals will be dishwasher safe and scratch resistant.